76 Days and Counting...
by Ernie Williams

Hey what's up everybody! What day is it today? Friday? Is it Friday? Well alright! To me it's Wednesday, because that's when I'm writing this. Can you believe the FTTW people want you to get your shit in early so they can publish it? Phhyt.

Anyway, let me get myself in a Friday state of mind here for a second, even though it's Wed [concentrates...]

Hey what is UP everybody? Happy Friday!

Ok, let's get to the point of this. Football. Are you ready for some? I am. I am ready for some Football. In fact I saw a buddy of mine at lunch and he mentioned to me that he is ready for some Football as well. Unfortunately, there is no Football this weekend, or the weekend after that OR the weekend after that. Because it's summer. Sweet, sweet summer. So that means there is baseball and NASCAR racing, but no Football. And I guess there is golf. But I don’t follow that. Golf is not something I have an interest in, except for maybe hitting some balls at a driving range or watching Caddyshack for the 300th time. Did you know that Tiger Woods makes like 100 million zillion dollars in commercial endorsements? Holy shit! I had no idea that golf was that popular. I guess some people are really into this golf thing? Who knew!

In any case, veering back onto my topic: soon, very soon, there will be Football!

patsline.jpgWe've had the Combine, we've had the Draft, The Patriots went out and scooped up all the top free-agents that were looking to score, we've had rookie camps and mini-camps… All that stuff is out of the way and done. That means that this little stretch of dry spell here is the end and then it will be time for full fledged training camp and pre-season games. Then the next thing you know, it will be Football Season again!! And I'll have something to write about. That will be cool.

Since I have not written in a while, for those of you who are confused and maybe don't know what this part of FTTW is about, this is the Football part and we talk Football in here, sometimes other stuff, but mostly Football. I am a Pats fan and I'm pretty happy because The Pats went out and grabbed some primo free-agent players this off-season, so I'm pretty psyched to see how the team is going to be this year. Dude RANDY MOSS and DANTE STALLWORTH are going to be catching balls from TOM BRADY this season and Adalius Thomas is going to be chasing down the oppositions' QB's while generally being a terror on defense. Of course, how a team looks on paper does not in any way relate to how they play on the field, but on paper things are looking good for my boys The Patriots.

How about you? How did your teams do this off-season? Any draft choices or free-agent pickups that you're excited about? Let us know! Because we are interested. I am anyway. And while you are at it, if you are new to this column, tell us who your teams are, or if you've told us before, just remind us again because someone might have forgotten. We want to know who you are rooting for every week. Because we will pick fights with you about your team later on when the season starts and make bets with you on the outcome of games and stuff. And that's fun. Good, clean, wholesome Football fun. On a Friday.

76 Days till Kickoff Weekend! Until then, have fun and enjoy the Summer while it lasts.

Damn, we missed Ernie.

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Yeah baby, it's almost Football!
The Giants were interesting this year. Last year they had a very good off-season, this year? They seemed to, quietly, shore up where they needed to shore up. We'll see. It all depends on the secondary and...... frigging Eli. He regressed last year. Here's hoping he wakes up this year.

I'm very interested in them moving Kiawanuka to LB, they needed some good LBs (last year the secondary and LBs were... what's the word? Oh yeah, farging crappy).

Oh, and screw Tiki. What a classless punk he is acting like these days.


That is cool. I like Tom Coughlin as a coach. Plus there is always a chance he could explode at any moment, so that is fun and adds that element of suspense to games. :-)



...great intro to this piece, by the way...


Thanks Johnny.

What a tool that guy Tank Johnson is. Talk about throwing your career down the shitter. He got cut by Chicago after getting arrested, yet again, for driving while impaired. Dumb-ass..


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